Your donation helps I-DREAM to implement following I-DREAM activities.

  • Appropriate Technology transfer to Africa including Chad specific activities
  • Appropriate Technology camp for young generation
  • Appropriate Technology development: Arduino, Rasberry pi, block chain, dome construction, earth architecture etc
  • Organizing offline meetings: Seminar, Conferences, Club activities, I-Dream Day

We will continue to share our progress with Newsletter and website (

Thank  you very much for helping us to spread Inclusive Development Spirit !

Byoung Yoon KIM

I-DREAM President


I-DREAM (Inclusive Development Research Association for Mankind) is a non-lucrative, non-governmental association, established by European Korean scientists and engineers, with its headquarters in Paris, France under French association law (association loi 1901). I-DREAM follows its vision statement by organizing all possible cooperations with the members of association and external partners.

동반성장연구회는 유럽에 거주하는 한인과학기술자들이 주축이 되어 설립하여 프랑스 경시청에 등록한 비영리협회입니다. 저희 협회는 세계 각처 지역 공동체의 경제적 자립과 삶의 질 향상을 위하여 협회의 회원들이 혹은 외부 파트너 기관들과 함께 적정기술을 개발, 제공하고 관련된 제반 활동을 수행하는 것을 목적으로 합니다.

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